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MJL456 Nov 13 '19
The second day of StarCraft II semifinals at IEM Gyeonggi featured another exhilarating five-game series. Replica NCAA Jerseys . Ultimately, Kim Stats Dae Yeob (Protoss) triumphed over Han ByuL Ji Won (Zerg), 3-2, in the quest for the $15,000 first prize.On paper, Stats entered as a massive favorite over ByuL. Stats was on the verge of claiming the title for the best Protoss in the world and ByuL was still inconsistent in tournament results. ByuL entered his matchup against Stats with plenty of question marks. He was a strong player with the power of creativity on his side in terms of builds and macro timings, but his understanding of fundamental strategy was lacking. Stats was a player that outplays the opponent and typically crushed matches with his deep understanding of StarCraft II. Even though the matchup seemed one-sided at the outset, it ended up going the full distance for an entertaining semifinal set.Game 1: Vaani Research StationStats took advantage of the holes in ByuLs early strategies with a Stargate start for harassment and initiation. Stats Phoenix timings and control allowed him to dictate the pace and movement on the map as well as exploiting army sizes and relative economies to best advantage. He then transitioned into Carriers for the ultimate finish while ByuL played defense and catch-up to the macro deficit. Despite the dire situation, it was ByuLs decision to all-in on Hydralisks that forced a lengthy stalemate. Stats impatience would end up costing him -- instead of building more Carriers, he opted to fight into the Hydralisk army and lost most of his unit count for the game loss.Stats 0:1 ByuLGame 2: Habitation StationMap two would end up in the late game. Stats opened with Phoenixes and Adepts to overwhelm ByuLs defenses, but the Zerg player absolutely prepared accordingly. ByuL countered with Speedlings and Banelings for economic damage while Stats transitioned into another Carrier-heavy strategy. ByuL opted to focus entirely on the macro game to ensure adaptability in the late game and Stats farmed up while waiting out the midgame in a defensive mode. The final push came from Stats; in his first aggressive take, he successfully traded his only mining base for the entirety of ByuLs army.Stats 1:1 ByuLGame 3: OvergrowthStats went for a cheese opener with mass Gateways, but ByuL scouted for the perfect defense and countered with an early Spire. After building up more tech, Stats went for a timing push with Immortals, Archons, and charge Zealots for an attack on the ground, but ByuL defended again and countered with Mutalisks. Although he had no set defense against the Mutalisks, Stats went for a final timing push with mass Archons and crushed through ByuLs base before all of the late game tech was completed.Stats 2:1 ByuLGame 4: Newkirk PrecinctByuL grabbed the early aggression with his Mutalisk timing and kept Stats on complete defensive mode. His multi-pronged attacks forced irreparable damage to Stats economy and it was only a matter of time before the set was tied up. ByuLs superior macro advantage and map control led to a straightforward push into the rest of the defenses.Stats 2:2 ByuLGame 5: WhirlwindStats took the initiative on the final game with an early aggressive push of Adepts, Zealots, and an Immortal with a Warp Prism. The push crushed through over 20 casualties and ruined ByuLs economy. The reinforcements sealed the game and Stats would finish off the set.Stats advances to the grand finals of IEM Gyeonggi. He was the second qualifier out of Group A, arguably the toughest group during the group stage, and will rematch against the other qualifier out of the same group, Lee INnoVation Shin Hyung in the grand finals. Although he played well in this series, Stats macro and defensive mistakes will need improvement and overhaul if he wants a chance against a player in absolute top-form like INnoVation. Cheap NCAA Jerseys . Andreas Johnson had a goal and two assists while Jacob de la Rose also scored for Sweden (2-0-0). Esa Lindell and Rasmus Ristolainen replied for Finland (1-1-0) Lindell opened the scoring for Finland just 41 seconds into the game, but the hosts quickly regained their composure and tied the score less than four minutes later on Wennbergs first of the game. Cheap Basketball College Jerseys .7 million, one-year contract, a raise of $2.2 million. Wieters had asked for $8.75 million and the Orioles had offered $6. https://www.chinajerseysncaa.us/ . I cant pinpoint a date, but I do remember a player from my youth. Brian Downing was with the Chicago White Sox at a time when I listened to every game I possibly could on the radio. That particular season the late great Harry Caray was calling the White Sox games.Willie Mullins felt Shaneshill and Nichols Canyon were feeling the effects of a long campaign after the Graham Wylie-owned duo finished second and third respectively in the Calvin Houghland Iroquois Hurdle on Saturday. Though Shaneshill, the mount of Danny Mullins, rallied strongly after the last flight, he went down by a neck to former Irish runner Rawnaq, partnered by Emma Lavelles former stable jockey Jack Doyle.Nichols Canyon, ridden by Ruby Walsh, was another three lengths away in the Grade One at Percy Warner Park in Nashville, Tennessee. Mullins said: Nichols Canyon did not jump that well and maybe wasnt best suited by going left-handed, while Shaneshill ran a big race.However, for both horses this was probably one race too many, but we look forward to returning next year.The race is part of the Brown Advisory Iroquois Cheltenham Challenge, which involves the Ryanair World Hurdle and the Tennessee race. Cheap NCAA Jerseys Authentic. If any horse can win the two three-mile Grade Ones within 12 months, connections would earn a US$500,000 bonus.Rawnaqs owner Irvin Naylor said afterwards that he was keen to take up the challenge and head to Cheltenham next March.He said: There were so many good horses in the race and our jockey rode a superb race. He was always in the right place at the right time.The horse jumped flawlessly and the trainer had him tuned to the highest level.It all came together for this most important race. Rawnaq gave it all and you cannot ask for more of a horse than to give his all.He is the best and I think he will represent the US well at Cheltenham. I look forward to going forward with this challenge. Also See: Live results service Full racecards Get Sky Sports ' ' '