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LHX1990 Oct 19 '17
Everyone has an opinion -- and when the subject is Tiger Woods, everyone has a lot of opinions. Cheap NBA Jerseys.Woods will return to competitive golf at next weeks Hero World Challenge as the worlds 879th-ranked golfer after 466 days away from the game. What makes this comeback so intriguing is the great unknown. None of us know how his swing will look, how hell score, how hell deal with making another very visible return while thrust into the spotlight once again.That hasnt stopped those opinions from flowing. Here are 10 of them -- call em myths, or uneducated guesses, or misguided hot takes, or just frivolous ideas spewed at so many 19th holes -- and why these opinions range from chunked chips to out-of-bounds shanks.1. If it doesnt click soon, he should just quit ...Quick: Name a Hall of Fame golfer who lost his game at some point in his career and decided to give it up.Trick question. This person doesnt exist.Even players whose careers have been cut short due to a decline in performance -- David Duval springs to mind -- didnt immediately pack it in when their game went south. It took years of effort before they came to the grim realization that theyd never be able to relive those glory years.But heres the thing that always puzzles me: Theres a growing sentiment among the fan base that believes if Tiger cant be the same Tiger who once dominated major championships, he should just stop trying.Nice message for the kids, huh?Sorry, folks. Its actually admirable that Woods knows he cant turn back the clock, knows he might struggle with multiple aspects of his game, knows hell be picked apart for any on-course errors, but still wants to continue trying to return to prominence.If people in other careers decided to quit as soon as their skill set declined, well, wed have a lot of empty jobs in the world. Doesnt it feel hypocritical for these same people to request that of Woods?2. He needs to stop hitting driver off the tee ...Its no secret that Woods biggest miss (to borrow a book title) is with the big stick. During the 2014-15 season, his driving accuracy percentage was just 55.75, which wouldve ranked 164th out of 184 measured players if he had qualified for the official statistic.Simple logic states that if a guy cant keep his driver on the planet, then he should scale back to fairway woods and long irons off the tee instead.Hey, that might work at your local club, where just keeping yourself in play can earn you a victory in that $5 Nassau, but thats a losing strategy on the PGA Tour.Last season, Ryder Cup team member J.B. Holmes led the circuit with a driving distance average of 314.5 yards; PGA Tour Player of the Year Dustin Johnson was second at 313.6.Keeping up with those guys -- and so many others like them, as 27 players topped the 300-yard average off the tee -- is a daunting task in itself. If a player -- not just Woods, but any player -- takes driver out of his hands, hes essentially giving up some 30-40 yards per hole to the longest players. Weve seen guys have success playing small ball, but unless every other aspect of their game is so good, it usually doesnt happen frequently or consistently.The better solution? Woods should keep hitting driver, over and over, until he feels comfortable enough to start contending without compromising.3. He cant even hit a decent chip from just off the green ...Ah, the power of selective memory.Its true: When Tiger returned at the 2014 Hero World Challenge, on his old home course at Isleworth, he offered more chili dips than a state fair. And when he played in Phoenix two months later, those chipping yips were still very evident. Same thing at Torrey Pines the next week, before he withdrew because of poor glute activation. Despite insisting at the time that he was caught between patterns, Woods clearly appeared to have more of a mental block while hitting shots just off the green, as opposed to anything physical or technical.What many observers fail to recall, though, is that he figured it out. By the end of the last season he played competitively; he rid himself of this issue. Sure, there was a skulled chip through the green during the final round of the Wyndham Championship, the last event he played, but those major problems were largely irrelevant over the final four months of that year.4. He no longer has any motivation ...The last tournament Woods won was the 2013 WGC-Bridgestone Invitational. He tapped in for par to clinch a 7-stroke triumph, gave a TV interview on the final green and started to walk toward the nearby scoring trailer. Just then, his son, Charlie, who was 4 at the time, came boundlessly running toward him. Tigers face lit up -- differently than it ever did during any of his other 78 victories on tour. He immediately hugged his little boy and carried him off the course, that smile never leaving his face the entire time.Woods children are older now; Sam, his daughter, is 9, and Charlie is 7. He never misses an opportunity to talk about being a dad, from attending their soccer games to driving them to school, like any other doting parent. Those kids are now at an age where they can understand who their father is, what he does for a living and how winning is the ultimate goal.While it might be trite to insist that Tiger simply wants to win again, because hes a competitor and thats what competitors do, dont overlook his motivation to win again for his children, to show them the player who won so much before they understood what it really meant.5. He just needs to get healthy and his game will return ...The free square in any game of Tiger Buzzword Bingo is process. He uses this term so much to describe his game that he might as well have it trademarked. But theres a reason he uses it so often. Woods has never been a quick-fix kind of player; he has never been the type to uncover a secret in the dirt and immediately translate it into improved play.For him, it has always been about going through the process. And now, yes, the first piece to this process is being healthy. Its not the only piece, though. Now that hes presumably healthy, hell be able to practice more; once he can practice more, he can work on his swing; once he can work on his swing, his game will improve; once his game improves, he can start contending; once he starts contending, he can win again. You see? Its a process. It might sound cliché when Woods keeps saying the word, but its all part of a cycle that can get him on the road to improvement.6. He should play more tournaments ...This is a popular one. It has been for years.In truth, Woods painted himself into a corner here. Another one of those famous buzzwords he often employs is reps -- as in, he needs more reps for his game to come around. So when he doesnt add more events to his schedule, that idea is used against him, the conclusion being that he isnt taking his own advice.Perhaps his decision to play the Wyndham for the first time in his final start last year suggests hell alter his schedule to include more than the usual suspects. Before saying he should play more frequently and possibly even conclude hell play more frequently, lets remember this: Woods is only a year removed from his third back surgery since March 2014.Even though it theoretically might help his game to get more reps, it might not help his physical health. Woods was smart about this comeback and didnt try to start competing too soon. It stands to reason that hell similarly be smart about the amount of golf he plays, keeping it to a logical minimum until he gets past any limitations.7. This week will provide a window into his future ...You know its going to happen. Woods will spray a few tee shots and the masses will proclaim: Hes done! Then hell make a few birdies and theyll declare, Hes back!Nope. Doesnt work that way.This week isnt all-or-nothing. Theres nothing that will happen at the Hero World Challenge in December that will portend success or failure at the Masters four months from now -- or anywhere else.This is a difficult proposition to comprehend in todays society, where we consume our news in 140-character morsels and make sweeping generalizations based on 10-second sound bites. But lets take Tigers play in the Bahamas at face value. Its basically spring training for him, the first step of many in a comeback that wont reach some immediate conclusion. He has to start somewhere, and the Hero seems as good a time as any. Anyone seeking to make a long-term diagnosis of his game based on how he plays this week is missing the point of what hes trying to accomplish.8. Taking these vice captaincy roles means he wont play on U.S. teams again ...Woods served as an assistant at the Ryder Cup last month, and from the looks of things, he really enjoyed himself in the role. In fact, he enjoyed it so much that a few days later, he was named as one of three assistants to Steve Stricker for next years Presidents Cup. Just like every vice captain for each team, Woods wants to be involved in the process of employing a strategy and constructing a roster, but that doesnt mean he has taken himself out of the running for still competing, too. Granted, it would be considered an upset for him to go from a year off to once again representing a U.S. team, but its not out of the realm of possibility. And its certainly not because he already has a role on the team. Trust me: Stricker would be more than happy to have any of his assistants play their way onto the team. Hell just have to hand off that extra earpiece to someone else.9. Golf needs Tiger in order to survive ...This is one of my biggest pet peeves around the game right now.I hate this idea. And you know what? Its just plain wrong.The game is in a great place with young superstars such as Jason Day, Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson and Jordan Spieth all in the prime of their careers. Its not going anywhere. Theyre not going to stop holding tournaments just because Woods isnt involved. But people see the decline in television ratings and decreased numbers in participation at the recreational level and presume that Woods is the missing variable. With him, the game flourishes; without him, it perishes. Thats too simplistic.The Tiger Woods era was unlike any other period in the games history. People of different cultures, races and ethnic backgrounds flocked to a game that had largely been considered a country club endeavor, rightly or wrongly. That was a blip on the radar, an uptick that will never be replicated. Its only sensible that in Woods absence, weve witnessed a regression to the norm. The game will be in a much better place if he not only returns on a regular basis, but finds success in his latest comeback. Golf is better with him. But does it need him to survive? Absolutely not. Its not going anywhere.10. Nobody cares about Tiger anymore ...This one is almost laughable, but every time I so much as tweet something regarding Woods, I receive a few variations of this response.Look, I get it. Some people are Tigered-out. Maybe they stopped caring after his personal indiscretions went public, or they think too much attention is being placed on the worlds 879th-ranked player, or theyre more into Phil Mickelson than Woods. Thats fine. The assertion that the general public doesnt care about Tiger as he approaches this comeback is just plain wrong. This isnt some media-driven frenzy. Theres a major appetite to see if he can return to form this week and beyond.People care. They really do. Once again, its that great unknown which is so intriguing. Woods is now entering what might be the final act of his career. Just as you wouldnt walk out on a great movie before the dramatic ending, theres no reason to walk away from this right now, either. Jerseys NFL Cheap. LOUIS -- St. Cheap NFL Jerseys China. -- If Henry Burris has his way, he will be the starting quarterback to lead the Hamilton Tiger-Cats back to the Grey Cup next year. http://www.nfljerseyscheapwholesalechina.com/. As the crowd erupted, Davis knocked the ball off the glass and back into his hands. With 1:14 to go in overtime, Davis sixth block also became his 17th rebound. That, along with his 32 points -- which tied a career high -- proved too much for Denver to overcome, and the Pelicans held on for their third straight victory, 111-107 on Sunday night. Michael Vaughan, the former England captain, has warned that Ben Stokes risks burn-out if England heap too many expectations on to his shoulders during the forthcoming Test tour of India. However, he also reckons that getting the ball out of Stokes hand in the big moments of the series will prove to be a management challenge for Alastair Cook.Stokes was Englands outstanding player during the 1-1 series draw with Bangladesh last month, especially during the first Test at Chittagong where he almost single-handedly hauled England to a 22-run victory. His total of 103 runs included a vital second-innings 85, while his six wickets in the match featured a key spell of reverse swing in Bangladeshs first innings as he claimed 4 for 10 to secure a priceless first-innings lead.Throughout the two matches it was notable how Cook, a naturally conservative captain, turned to his seam bowlers in times of strife, especially given how little control he was able to exert with his spin attack. Stokes fronted up admirably with 11 wickets from 48.3 overs in the series - fewer than the first-choice spinners Moeen Ali and Adil Rashid, but more than any of the other quicks on show.However, he appeared to be hobbling when he came out to bat in Englands second innings at Dhaka and, with five Tests to come in the space of six weeks in India, Vaughan believes that Stokes may have to be protected from himself if England are to get full value from their most precious asset.Stokes has got that ability to get in the opposing teams faces with expertise, Vaughan said during the launch of BT Sports cricket coverage. Many players have tried to wind up the opposition by being forceful and aggressive without having the game [to back it up] but, with Stokes, you just know, every time he goes to the crease, things are going to happen.I think the problem that Alastair will have is getting the ball out of his hands. He wants to bowl, he wants to compete - speak to Paul Collingwood, he bowls marathon spells for Durham, 16-17 overs - and hes got that ability to produce magic with the old ball.And even when hes bowled badly, and sprayed the ball all over the place, hes always created opportunities. Beefy Botham took a lot of wickets with long-hops and Ben Stokes is very similar, because hes got that physical presence out in the middle. He does intimidate opposition batsmen, so he will create opportunities.Vaughan sees inevitable parallels with Englands last genuiine allrounder, Andrew Flintoff, whom he captained throughout the prime of his career from 2003 to 2006. Cheap Jerseys 2018. And, like Flintoff, Stokes has already shown that his body may be vulnerable to the workload that he puts upon it, having undergone knee surgery early in the English season, before missing the final two Tests of Pakistan series with a calf tear.The real question is injury, Vaughan said. We saw in the summer against Pakistan, he missed the two Tests that England lost [at Lords and The Oval]. The Chittagong Test win was 22 runs … without Ben Stokes England would have lost.Many would say as a captain, did you go to bed at night and not sleep because of the toss or opposing team. No, the one thing that Cook will be saying at night is: Please, Ben Stokes, dont get injured because hes that important to the team.Like Flintoff, Stokes has a larger-than-life personality that can, on occasions, get him into scrapes. He was infamously sent home from England Lions tour of Australia in 2012-13 for persistently breaking the team curfew, and ruled himself out of the World T20 in Bangladesh in 2014 after punching a locker during a poor run of form during the ODI tour of the Caribbean.But Vaughan believes that Stokes exploits in recent months have shown a different side to his character. Hes a quick learner and I think people possibly dont see the amount of work he puts in. Hes a free spirit, and every now and again he will be talked about for doing the wrong things - punching a dressing-room door, partying too hard - but he wants to learn and get better, and I can only see that he is going to get better.They will have to be wary of the amount of bowling he does in India, but hes the kind of guy who wants to be in the game. I remember Duncan Fletcher used to say to the team, get in the game. If the game is flat, do something.Thats the kind of player he is. Whatever the situation, you are looking at him and hes in the game. Whether at backward point, or on the drive, or with the ball in hand, or striding out to bat. You just know things are going to happen.Watch the first Test of the Australia v South Africa series exclusively live on BT Sport 3 from 2am on Thursday, November 4. 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