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SOUTH BEND, Ind. Wholesale Shoes Online . -- Do you prefer Chicagos Benny the Bull or Bostons Wally the Green Monster? The deviousness of Arizona States Sparky the Sun Devil or the goofiness of South Carolinas Cocky? Or maybe youre more traditional, and like Penn States Nittany Lion. If youre offbeat, go for Stanfords Tree.Those are among the choices people could have when the Mascot Hall of Fame announces its ballot of six candidates for the hall at a groundbreaking ceremony Friday in northwestern Indiana. After more than a decade of existing only online, the mascots are getting a place to flock together somewhere other than sidelines, ESPN commercials or the Capital One Mascot Challenge.Sam Weyen thinks the hall shall never see a mascot more lovely than the Stanford Tree.What other mascot strikes as much joy in the hearts of fans as it does creepy fear? We have a monopoly on that, said the symbolic systems major from Suwanee, Georgia, who has been the Tree since February. I cant think of a more iconic mascot and one that has been kicked out of so many stadiums as well.The Tree is not officially the universitys mascot -- its the mascot of the band known for its irreverence and has been banned from several stadiums for several years.Dave Johnson, who was Penn States Nittany Lion from 2005 to 2007, believes that mascot should be inducted because of simplicity and tradition. Its stuck to the same basic look since the 1920s.When you think of a college mascot, a lot of these other mascots ... theyre kind of gimmicky. Theyve got the inflatable mascots bouncing around, all that type of thing, and theyre limited in what they can do, Johnson said. In the ever-changing landscape of college campuses, the lion is always the same.The Mascot Hall of Fame will be built in Whiting, a city along Lake Michigan best known for its oil refinery and its Pierogi Fest -- a weekend event in July that celebrates Polish dumplings. More than 250,000 people take part in pierogi eating contests, pierogi tosses and polkas.David Raymond, the original Phillie Phanatic and the halls founder, said the city 20 miles southeast of Chicago is the perfect site for two reasons: It was willing to put up $7 million for the building and its 5,000 residents embrace quirky.Their brand is the little wacky city that could, so they embrace the silliness of this project, Raymond said.Mayor Joseph Stahura said the hall is being financed through tax increment financing and is part of a plan to try to establish the city as one- or two-day tourist destination. A sustainability study says the hall should draw 50,000 visitors a year, he said.The idea for the hall was sparked by a 2003 incident of mascot abuse. Sports fans nationwide were shocked when Pittsburgh first baseman Randall Simon used a bat to fell one of the four Racing Sausages during a Milwaukee Brewers game in the bop heard round the world.Simon, who said he did not deliberately try to knock down the Italian sausage, was cited for disorderly conduct.We as a group in our office said we really should take advantage of this, have some fun with it, but also promote the fact that mascots sometimes arent getting the respect they deserve, Raymond said.That led to the creation of a mascot bill of rights , a mascot march in Philadelphia and the creation of the online hall. The inaugural class of the Phillie Phanatic, the Famous Chicken (aka the San Diego Chicken) and the Phoenix Gorilla was inducted in 2005.To date, 10 pro and seven collegiate mascots have been inducted. The pro honorees include Mr. Met, KC Wolf of the Kansas City Chiefs and Rocky of the Denver Nuggets. The college legends include Ohio States Brutus Buckeye, Wisconsins Bucky the Badger and Tennessees Smokey.Not all mascots are eligible for the hall, just the fully costumed kind. Raymond said the hall organizers may recognize human and animal mascots eventually in some way. Members of the hall are selected through voting by the public online, lifetime hall voting members (comes with a $50 donation) and an executive committee.Weyen said even if selected, the Tree doesnt belong in the hall.I would stipulate it has to be outside because trees dont like to be inside, he said. Cheap Shoes Wholesale Free Shipping .C. at the helm of the top team in the Eastern Conference. His tenure as the GM in Vancouver was all too brief. Though he led the Canucks to what was then a franchise record-shattering campaign in just his second season, Nonis was gone and replaced one year later. Cheap Shoes Online . Most important, perhaps, it went off without a hitch. Organizers poked a little fun at the now-infamous opening ceremony gaffe that saw only four out of five snowflakes open up into rings, leaving the Olympics logo one ring short. http://www.cheapshoeswebsites.com/ . Francis told several hundred members of the European Olympic Committees that when sport "is considered only in economic terms and consequently for victory at every cost . Last week, as reported by ESPN, the National Rifle Association of India (NRAI) announced the setting up of a special committee, to be chaired by Abhinav Bindra, to review shooters below-par performance at the Games. That process has begun but the committees mandate suggests the federation is looking for a more centralised structure with greater powers vested within itself.Among the issues that the NRAI is keen to have the panel investigate are shooters hiring personal coaches, the selection of shooters for multiple Olympics on reputation rather than form and the role of private non-profits - like the now-defunct Mittal Champions Trust, Olympic Gold Quest, Lakshya Foundation, Anglian Medal Hunt and Go Sports - who liase between athlete, federation and sports ministry.It is understood that the federation would ideally like the panel to recommend that all shooting activity be centralised and under the NRAIs control.NRAI chief Raninder Singh told ESPN that one of the prime reasons for the shooters failure to win medals could be allowing them to train with personal coaches - a decision he called a tactical blunder.A personal coach is not wholly essential, he said. A shooter trains with the national coach for four and a half years but once the Target Olympic Podium (TOP) scheme or private sponsorship organisations step in, he/she moves on to work with the foreign coach that they offer. To be trained in a particular style and technique for years and then switch to a brand new approach months before the Olympics affects preparations. In our opinion its a negative trend and performances have tanked under them.However, the facts suggest that the most successful Indian shooters of recent years have all had personal coaches. Both Bindra and Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, who won the silver in Athens in 2004, for instance, worked closely with personal coaches before their Olympic successes. Bindra trained with five-time Olympian Gabriele Buhlmann and Rathore with Australian Russell Mark.The federations antipathy towards private coaches is baseless, former India pistol shooter Jaspal Rana told ESPN. A personal coach is absolutely essential for a shooter. Of course, you have to ensure that the coach can produce results. Whats most crucial is the understanding between the coach and the shooter.Shooting is a lonely sport with a pronounced thrust on mental conditioning which makes the athletes need for a coachs undivided, personal attention vital. Among the coaches who travelled to Rio along with the 12-member shooting contingent include Stanislav Lapidus (who works with Gagan Narang, Chain Singh and Apurvi Chandela), Heinz Reinkemeier (Bindras personal coach), Ronak Pandit (Heena Sidhus husband, personal coach and manager of the shooting team) Ennio Falco (national skeet coach), Marcello Dradi (national trap coach) and Pavel Smirnov (national pistol coach).Jitu Rai, considered one of the biggest medal prospects for India at Rio, did not have a personal coach and trained under Smirnov, who also works with a host of other shooters.The concept of an umbrella coach working with a number of shooters makes no sense, says former Olympic shooter Suma Shirur, who travelled to Rio as a private coach to shooter Ayonika Paul. An inclusive approach should be adopted wherein personal coaches work in tandem with the national coach. EEach shooter should be allowed to choose the coach since its eventually going to be about how well they work together and deliver results. Cheap Shoes Websites China. The NRAI also wants to debate the practice of family members working with shooters as coaches and accompanying them for competitions overseas under the scanner.Pistol shooter Heena Sidhu for example, trained with her husband, Ronak Pandit, a Commonwealth Games medallist shooter who was also the manager of the whole shooting team. She received Rs 1 crore in financial assistance under the TOP scheme in the run-up to the Games. She finished 14th and 18th in the 10m air pistol and 25m pistol events respectively at the Rio Games, and did not make the final at either event.Most controversial, perhaps, could be the NRAIs questioning of the role of private sponsorship organisations and calling them a contributory cause for the shooting failure. The committee has been asked to examine the multiple layers of preparation brought about by the effect of these organisations with regard to contracting some shooters and offering them funds to train and compete overseas apart from working with mental trainers and short-term coaches.We have nothing against private sponsorship organisations since they are providing an essential service, says Raninder, But the issue here is that in certain cases they have provided private funding for coaching which comes back to the same point of too many layers of preparation. We are not in the know of the credentials of coaches whom they bring on board. In being overzealous and trying to help the athlete are they ending up adversely affecting performance? Shirur was dismissive of this notion. Private sponsorship organisations are doing an incredible job with regard to providing personalized facilities for shooters. They are particularly crucial ahead of an event like the Olympics. If there is one issue they need to address, it is the attention demanded by sponsors; it can be sometimes overbearing for a shooter to have his sponsors always around. It creates a sense of pressure. Having said that, they are doing a great job of supporting the sportspersons through and through.The proposed panel is also expected to take a cold and ruthless look at the reasons why shooters are sent to multiple Olympics though they havent delivered results, and whether at all they should be fielded again. Theres one case from Rio where, the federation could take a large share of the blame - the quota swap ahead of the Games that resulted in Sanjeev Rajput, the only Indian to win a World Cup in 3-Position, being excluded from the team despite earning an Olympic quota. Theres one case from Rio where, the federation could take a large share of the blame - the quota swap ahead of the Games that resulted in Sanjeev Rajput, the only Indian to win a World Cup in 3-Position, being excluded from the team despite earning an Olympic quota. Manavjit Singh Sandhu, the only Indian shooter who went to Rio on the basis of a trial instead of a quota berth, did not make it beyond the qualifying round of the trap event.**12:57:50 IST, August 25, 2016: The line was changed to accurately reflect Manavjit Sandhus qualification process for Rio Olympics. ' ' '