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Zhang Wen Mar 28 '18

GUATEMALA CITY Roberto Gagliardini Jersey , April 6 (Xinhua) -- Guatemalan Olympic racewalker, Luis Angel Sanchez, who already has a ticket to Rio de Janeiro 2016, will appear before an investigation judge on Wednesday accused of attempted murder, local media reported.

Sanchez, 22 Rigoberto Rivas Jersey , was arrested in the early hours of Tuesday and stayed overnight in the Zone 18 Detention Center, according to local news daily Prensa Libre. He was arrested for allegedly participating in an armed clash between gangs in the name of territory in Guatemala City.

On Monday night members of the National Civil Police held an operation to arrest the people involved in the attack where two people were injured.

Two young people were transported to hospital after the incident and are being treated for bullet wounds while Carlos Humberto Garcia Jesus, 45, was also transported to a local hospital.

Garcia Jesus, who is already known to the police for previously possessing drugs, being drunk and disorderly as well as illegally carrying a knife Miranda Jersey , is being treated for a bullet wound in the back and another in his bottom.

Sanchez was arrested along with an 18-year-old man and two minors aged 16 and 17 years-old.

The alleged suspects were in the possession of two firearms and a compressed gas pistol when they were arrested. Press reports do not specify if Sanchez himself was carrying a weapon.

Juan de Dios Reyes, President of the Guatemalan Athletics Federation, said the organization will investigate the incident and will try to support Sanchez, who is a 50-kilometres Olympic racewalker.

Meanwhile, Gerardo Aguirre, President of the Guatemalan Olympic Committee Milan Skriniar Jersey , said they will provide legal support until the situation is clarified.

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