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Zhang Wen Mar 28 '18

Bobby Keys Mateo Musacchio Jersey , longtime saxophonist for the Rolling Stones, died early on Tuesday at his home in Franklin, Tennessee, after a long illness. He was 70.

"The Rolling Stones are devastated by the loss of their very dear friend and legendary saxophone player, Bobby Keys," the band said in a statement. "Bobby made a unique musical contribution to the band since the 1960s. He will be greatly missed."

Keys was still a teenager when he played sax for Buddy Holly in the 1950s and later performed with John Lennon, George Harrison, Eric Clapton and Joe Cocker, in addition to the Stones.

"I can't express the sense of sadness I feel, though Bobby would tell me to cheer up," Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards said on Twitter. Keys and Richards shared the same birth date Mario Pasalic Jersey , December 18, 1943, and the two became close, sharing late nights and drugs, according to their autobiographies.

"He was a good friend and an inspiration to play with," said friend and Nashville rock veteran Michael Webb, who performed with Keys in a band called Bobby Keys and the Suffering Bastards.

Webb said Keys had a liver ailment and had been in and out of the hospital over the past two months.

Keys was not a full-time member of the Stones but frequently led the horn section when the band went into the studio or on the road. Some of his best work can be heard on the songs "Can't You Hear Me Knocking," "Live With Me," "Brown Sugar" and "Emotional Rescue."

Keys, born in Slaton, Texas Marco Storari Jersey , never learned to read music.

"That's not where I come from musically," he told Rolling Stone magazine. "I come strictly from feeling, and that feeling comes from rock'n'roll."

UNITED NATIONS, March 21 (Xinhua) -- UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Saturday said that "the annual observance of Nowruz is a wonderful opportunity for people to join together to celebrate cultural diversity, dialogue and mutual respect."

"It is a moment of unity and solidarity, within and among societies, that is all the more important at times of strife and division," the secretary-general said in his message to mark the International Day of Nowruz, which falls on March 21.

About 300 million people worldwide celebrate Nowruz, with traditions and rituals particularly strong in the Balkans, the Black Sea and Caspian Sea regions Manuel Locatelli Jersey , the Caucasus, Central and South Asia, and the Middle East. Events may include folk dance performances, special concerts, and tree planting ceremonies.

In February 2010, the UN General Assembly decided to recognize the International Day of Nowruz, calling on UN member states that celebrate the festival to study its history and traditions with a view to disseminating that knowledge among the international community and organizing annual commemoration events.

"This year's Nowruz also takes on special meaning as the United Nations works to shape a new vision for sustainable future and adopt a meaningful universal climate agreement," Ban said. "These priorities for 2015 are in line with the spirit of Nowruz, which promotes harmony with nature and all peoples to foster cooperation for lasting peace."

Nowruz is inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, under the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization's Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage.

"I wish joyous and peaceful celebrations to all M'Baye Niang Jersey ," he said. "May the spirit of Nowruz live on throughout the year."

What are you frightened of?

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Here is one simple method to Conquering your phobias

Are you fearful of flying, people, heights, clowns, prospecting, etc??

It does not matter what your fears are, the good news is you can overpower your phobias!

I am going to impart one personal story with you of how I learned to overcome my fears at a very early time.

My father was involved with a civic group in our village. The local group used to maintain the community pool. I would go to the pool in the evenings, with my father. While he would do daily maintenance on the pool I would use the time to swim and have the pool to myself. Those were great summers growing up. Well anyway I became quite competent at performing ones and one and a halves off the low boards. I trained every night, so I could show off to my friends throughout the day.

My Father would observe me and asked one night why I don?t do my dives off of the high dive. I told him I was afraid of the high dive. He asked me, ?What are you terrified of?? I told him it was too towering. He asked, ?Can you spring off of the high dive?? I told him I didn?t want to.

My Father started to climb the high dive and told me Lucas Ocampos Jersey , ?Follow me up and I will show you how to do it?. We get to the top of the high dive and my chest felt tight and my mouth went dry. He talked me out to the end of the board and I remember shaking and trying not to show any fright. He told me to just stand at the tip of the board, take some deep breaths and look out at the horizon. I did what he said and began to calm down. He started talking to me as I was staring out over the swimming pool. He said, ?John, this is just another diving board, it is no different than the one down below.? ?When you are ready I want you to step off the end of the board.? I told him that I was not ready. He said, ?I?m going to count to three and you will step off.? He began to count one; two?and then he pushed me off the end. I hit the water and swiftly came to the surface and realized that nothing horrific happened to me.

Dad hollered for me to come up again. I was a little distraught but went up the ladder and out to the end of the diving board. Dad asked if I was ready to jump again. I told him I was not sure. He . Cheap Rams Jerseys   Cheap Raiders Jerseys   Cheap Patriots Jerseys   Cheap Jets Jerseys   Cheap Saints Jerseys   Wholesale New York Giants Jerseys   Wholesale Philadelphia Eagles Jerseys   Wholesale Miami Dolphins Jerseys   Wholesale Los Angeles Chargers Jerseys   Wholesale Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jerseys