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Zhang Wen Mar 28 '18
If you?re a beachgoer Andrea Bertolacci Jersey , you?ve probably seen crafts on the ocean that look like a cross between a surfboard and a sailboat. Well, that?s exactly what they are and the sport is called windsurfing. The object of some dispute is the question of who actually invented the windsurfer. As the courts battle out the disagreement, the avid windsurfing enthusiast probably says, who cares? For the extreme sport of windsurfing combines the best of traditional surfing with that of sailing to create the ultimate wave riding experience. A windsurfer actually holds the world record for speed above all other sailing crafts at 56.49 mph on a 500 meter course!

The sport of windsurfing encompasses a variety of competitive disciplines such as freestyle, course racing Andre Silva Jersey , slalom, speed sailing and the extreme Super X competitions. Surfers compete in Formula style and Olympic class racing where sailors use specially designed equipment for sailing under conditions where there may be little or no wind. It is the Olympic games, after all, and the show must go on. If you can imagine, there are even indoor windsurfing competitions in some countries. These facilities are comprised of very large indoor pools with enormous fans used for wind propulsion. Not your standard backyard pool setting.

Whether you are interested in windsurfing as a competitive sport or just want to give it a try as a recreational endeavor Alessio Romagnoli Jersey , there is certain basic equipment that you will need. A windsurfing apparatus, of course (that somebody invented), a wet suit, helmet, proper footwear Alessandro Plizzari Jersey , flotation device, harness and harness lines, joint, fin and some travel gear. Some nice waves and a good steady 20 mph wind wouldn?t hurt either as windsurfers don?t use any sort of motorized device for propulsion. For the beginning surfer, a battened sail is a good choice for its light weight and easier handling.

Windsurfing as a sport requires a good deal of athleticism. The mechanics of the sport are similar in style to other board sports like water skiing Alessandro Guarnone Jersey , wakeboarding, snowboarding and the ever popular skateboarding. Advanced jumps, spins, and loops can be performed with a windsurfer and require hours and hours of hands on practice. These types of moves should not be attempted by the beginner, but the seasoned surfer will find exhilaration and a sense of free floating and flying that only the windsurfer provides. Many beach facilities provide windsurfing rentals for those who would like to try their hand at windsurfing before investing in equipment.

Windsurfing is a sport for people of all ages. Children as young as four years old can begin learning the art of windsurfing using rigs that are lighter in weight. There are even organized competitions for these tiny surfers and the sport carries on for them with a junior class of competition through the age of 15. Windsurfing is an extreme water sport that attracts millions of people every year to beaches far and wide. If the bump n jump of windsurfing sounds like your idea of a thrill Customized AC Milan Jerseys , head to the beach, strap yourself to a board and set sail with the wind racing through you hair!

Most construction or building sites would need trained dogmen to keep the operation smooth. There would be a lot of setting up of ropes and slings both for the workers and materials. However, dogmen need to be trained so that they can be more productive.

Course objectives

There is a lot of responsibility that comes with a dogman. A basic dogging training requires only 3 days and can be taken at many reputed and appointed training centers. The dogging training comprises an academic portion as well as a practical to help the individual grasp the classroom concepts and skills in their work environment.

Such detailed training to be a dogman would license the individual to be fully equipped in calculating the best weights for any load to be set on the ropes and slings in work at heights projects to ensure safety for all. The course candidate would be taught to identify the types of sling and methods of slinging to cater to the various applications.

Anyone can opt to be a dogman by undergoing the training of good dogging at the workplace as this course has no prerequisite except for being physically fit. The course candidate may need to perform certain manual activities that may require some physical strength. Course candidates must be above 18 years old.


Good dogmen can be found in various industries. Those who have undergone the proper dogging training would be much sought after in large construction or building projects. Qualified and trained dogmen are also needed in painting projects where slings are set up on high rises, multi-story buildings or condominiums.

Work at height environments often require dogmen who can set up the slings safely without simply rigging the set up for height works. The appropriately trained and licensed dogmen can assist crane operators with the proper hand signals and communication whistle blows. There is a high risk of danger with heavy machinery operations which trained dogmen can assist in averting possible trouble at the workplace. It is difficult for the crane operator to be fully aware of the whole surroundings while trying to control the large and heavy machinery. Their concentration on the heavy load may divert their attention from other potential danger outside their scope of vision.

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