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How You Can Do Embroidery With A Regular Sewing Machine?

If you are tight on budget and you are worried about buying a new embroidery sewing machine then let us help you in creating a solution for this problem. At this very moment, if you are not able to buy such equipment then today we will tell you how you can do embroidery by an easy sewing machine for beginners. Also, we will explain how you can do lettering by a standard sewing machine. Let’s get started.


Feed Dogs:

The first thing you need to do in order to start embroidery from a standard sewing machine is to lower down the feed dogs. This depends on what kind of sewing machine you are using, read the manual and see from where you can lower down feed. Once you lower down the feed dog, it will be convenient for you to sew in a free-motion style.


Embroidery Thread:

Now, in this case, you don’t have to use standard thread but an embroidery thread. You can use low quality embroidery thread as well because this is your first time and later you can invest in accessories. While setting bobbin also use a complete wounded bobbin inside the sewing machine because embroidery requires lots of thread and you definitely will be disturbed if there is half empty bobbin inside the sewing machine.



To get the best results out of a sewing machine, use stabilizers as it can make your garment stable on the table and you can do embroidery with ease. Stabilizers are essential to use when you are doing embroidery and it will be eliminated later during washing. To shift the fabric side to side for proper embroidery, use a hoop. This will help you in keeping the garment smooth and easy to move.

If you are fond of sewing machines and always like to invest in them then you can search for top sewing machines for beginners or you can also read blogs here  to get more information about different models.


If you want to start lettering on any garment and you don’t own an embroidery machine then buy different letters from the market and paste them on your hoop. Start tracing that letter on your garment once your fabric is stable in the hoop. Once you are done with the outline, fill the inside area with filling stitches and in the same way you can trace different characters as well.


Applying Designs:

While applying any kind of design on your garment, keep one thing in your mind that fabric should be smooth and you are using embroidery floss for it. It’s not possible to start embroidery with standard thread by standard sewing machine. You may succeed in it but the beauty will never be the same.


No matter what sewing machine is resting on your table, you can start preparing anything out of it, you just need to be the focus and enthusiastic about your work. You can also look for Singer simple sewing machine reviews to select the right model for all your work and to learn to stitch.

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