NBA 2K20: Top Ten Best Chicago Bulls MyTeam Card (part 1)


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The Chicago Bulls are one of the crown jewels in the NBA, thanks in large part to Michael Jordan and his team. Their success in the 1990s took the franchise to new fans in a city like Chicago willing and ready to support great teams. NBA 2K20's MyTeam mode is home to a variety of old and new Bulls players.

But who is the best you can build a roster in this mode? Let's take a look at the 10 best Chicago Bulls cards in NBA 2K20 MyTeam mode and rank them from worst to first. Continue reading the detailed ranking brought to you by GameMS, while you can also Buy Cheap NBA 2K20 MT at GameMS.

10 Michael Jordan '95 (93)

This 93-point Michael Jordan card is both a blessing and a curse. Arguably, this is the easiest Jordan card to get, but sadly you can't add more contracts to it, so once it disappears, it disappears. This card will make you born for the middle distance game, and your opponent will have to prepare Jordan's stable diet to take it to the basket.

9 Artis Gilmore '88 (94)

Fans hoping to find a prototype center that can best show how the game used to play from the inside out can directly watch Artis Gilmore's games in the late 1980s. This tall man is 7 feet 2 inches tall and weighs about 240 pounds. This sets him apart on the court. His amazing strength, he also scored both rebounds and rebounds.

8 Scottie Pippen '95 (95)

Interestingly, his overall difficulty is 95, which is part of a frostbite backpack, and the refrigerator is equipped with Pippen's well-known equipment for night in and out. For those hoping to get a lock on swingman, this 95 almighty card is sung from heaven, and these people can consume the empty 3-pointer from time to time.

7 Bob Love '77 (95)

We will discuss Bob Love later, but most people who read this book will most likely scratch the memory of who this person is. People like to think of the Bulls as the team that has been at the highest level since the founding of the NBA, but historically, the operation of Michael Jordan and the company in the 1990s has made this team a leader in the market.

6 Michael Jordan '95 (95)

In his 95 overall flash memory cards, he showed his natural athletic ability and comprehensive scoring ability very well, but understanding him was not perfect and flawed. The card's two biggest weaknesses are his inside defense and rebounding, but in the end, that's not why Jordan has joined your team.

This is from the top five rankings. GameMS will bring you the next part of the ranking update. Buy 2K20 MT at GameMS. We are a professional NBA 2K20 MT dealer.

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