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Reagents and things also play a huge role in gold wow classic. Rouges will need to take toxins reagents at all times together to apply them to their weapons. Buy more and you had to go in-game to a seller, if you run to imbue your weapon. 

The same goes for flash powder which Rouges want so as to utilize fade. Ammo for hunters, or group fans for Druids, Paladins, and Mages. All wanted items that needed to be consumed to be able to use lots of these skills. While it surely is tedious to always have to have a mountain of"class-specific" things in your luggage to use, it adds a sense of"role-playing" and realism to the Warcraft world.

Talents were also completely different in spot 1.12. Building a system that made you feel as though you've created your own unique personality, it's in fact one of the significant things that I miss the most in retail WoW, that I was wanting Blizzard would return. Traveling is realistic. 

Having to run from place to place takes up a massive bulk of play time, true you have Mage portals, also Hearthstones, but with no assembly stones, and not many stronghold portals, methods of rapid travel are few and far between. Meaning you needed to walk or utilize one of those worlds ship flight or train transit services to get where you have to go. Including mounts, which are inaccessible until you reach level 40, which in mywowgold wow classic gold can take a hefty quantity of time to accomplish and obtain gold to buy.

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