NBA 2K20: How to make an incredible scoring machine


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NBA 2K20 has MP Builder mode, allowing players to try their MyPLAYER creations. This year our choice is the scoring machine for shooting guard position. This is how to create the final version of this version. This guide is provided by GameMS. At the same time, you can also Buy 2K20 MT from us at a lower price, which will help you to better build your team.

There is no doubt that MyCAREER is one of the most popular models in NBA 2K. In NBA 2K20, there are many good ways to enjoy your career, and beating your neighbors is one of the best ways to improve player rankings.

Because NBA 2K20 allows you to create different versions of the load, it's difficult to choose a perfect draft pick-well, it's perfect for your playing style and position anyway. As an avid game enthusiast, we have been training a variety of players and testing them in the park since the game went offline, and we finally found our dream build: SG's scoring machine.

As the name suggests, this version is an offensive beast, especially if you convert it to a high OVR. It can be equipped with a dunk and even put the best defender on the poster, hit an abyss three-pointer unmatched, and use the ball to accelerate without sweating. Although Scoring Machine's defense is not worth mentioning at all, its 5 defensive badges are still enough to make you take no responsibility on the other side of the ball.

So how do you create this ferocious beast? Well, let's guide you step by step to give you the ultimate guard body of NBA 2K20. After entering basic information and selecting a shooting guard position, the first thing you need to do is select the "Done / Shoot" pie chart. This is the first in the Skill Breakdown list. Then select the Agility pie chart, which is also the top choice on the Physical Profile list. Remember, as a guard, speed is critical-so this particular pie chart must be chosen. Next, you will have to assign attribute points in four main categories. To create a score extension version with 55 badges, make sure to assign the attribute number as follows:


Close-up -90
Driving layup -85
Driving Dunk -83
Standing Dunk-58


Medium Range Shot -79
3-pointer -80
Free throw-88
After fading -90

How to play:

Pass accuracy -78
Ball handle -79
Post action

Defense / rebound:

Internal Defense-44
Perimeter defense-75
Lateral agility -70
Stealing -75
Block -70
Offensive rebounds
Defensive rebounds

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