How To Sew Without Pattern


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How To Sew Without Pattern

Sewing without pattern can be quite tricky but it can make you jump towards the advanced level. When you are a novice and you are working with an easy sewing machine for beginners, then the pattern is kind of an important tool to work with. Today we are telling you about how you can work without sewing patterns easily.


Without measurement how can you expect to sew something up to the mark? This is not possible if you are not focusing on measurements. If you are about to sew without pattern then measurement must be your first concern and it can serve you as a guide. Measure every part of the body and always make sure twice.

Measure every part of the body and always make sure twice


While having some idea in your mind, it’s important to brainstorm it in the first place. You can write down a few steps you have to go through to prepare this dress or you can also sketch the whole design. Familiarize yourself with the basic design so while sewing you can nail it without a pattern. Observe the design for a long time so you don’t have to feel blank in the middle of the project.

Calm the Fabric:

If you are all confident to work without a pattern then first calm the fabric down. Lay the fabric on the table and visualize it in the original form. Once the fabric is flat, then you can observe the corners for cutting and for sewing seams as well. You need to protect the fabric from fraying and from the other sewing complications too. Check the settings of the best sewing machine for beginners to avoid any problem.


Before working with the actual fabric, I prefer to work with muslin first. If this is the first time that you are working without a pattern then always use muslin first. Practice can make you perfect even without patterns and by constant sewing; you can have command overwork. This is going to be a piece of cake for you if you will sew muslin successfully.


I will never recommend taking start from the complicated project even when you are a beginner and you are working without patterns. Take a look at different projects, inspire yourself and try basic projects to work on. You must have an idea of how to work without pattern with ease. This will be an amazing project for you to start.

An Old Dress:

Using an old dress from your closet will make you more comfortable

If you are having difficulty in sewing and you want to have some proper guide then use old dress. For the basic guide and to have a slight idea you can use any of your dress from the closet and it will be comfortable for you. With time and with constant practice, you will love sewing without patterns.


If you are sewing something from the category of home décor then use the best heavy duty sewing machine for home use to get the right result. Heavy sewing machines can work on light fabrics and heavy fabrics as well. You will do this once you decided to work on it.


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