We go to the OSRS gold restaurant on Fridays


Date & time Jan 30
Creator Rszou

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We go to the OSRS gold restaurant on Fridays. This season, casey is starting dance and she's really excited about it. I'm if you ask to consult with the supervisor and get upset they tend to accept them a really good couponer when the coupons are expired. 

My girlfriends and me get our nails done of the month. It's really good for getting all of the hot gossip from the previous month. I just started this vegan diet and I am getting my husband. He says that he misses meat but he won't ever eat meat again if he loves me. And everytime you need to fill one of these out you ask yourself what would do.

Does anyone else find it absolutely hilarious that they've had weeks upon weeks to pick and choose what to say to us and also make sure we as a collective think not negatively about mtx however they have caused the opposite.It has to be an inside joke, it must be... A joke which most of us do not get but they enjoy watching everyone squirm and rant. Personally speaking I don't care because unfortunately no matter what we say or do so industry died about ten decades back and just wants it to be around cash.

The only good part of the industry is the poor fuckers who spend hours and hours trying their very best to make something good, get paid peanuts (such as the majority) and get slapped in the face by the greedy higher ups that appear to be in charge of all of the decision making about goods they have no clue about besides it buy runescape mobile gold liner their pockets.Obligatory disclaimer that I am responding to the comment and this remark only.

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