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Date & time Jan 20
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The Kwismas Haven Bag arrived in Kamas Dofus Retro excellent condition, however, the Shushield appears to have undergone an accident on its way! To my horror, it does not have any eyelid! Perhaps the eyelid fell off? Perhaps my Shushield was substituted by some thieves with a cheap if postal worker looked off looking replica of it? I don't know. Now means of a legend Manaia herself just want to receive the one that has an eyelid, the Shushield and promoted me.

So. What you do? Here, a group of friends -- whose heads were filled with dreams of another world and whose hearts were filled with their desire to talk about it and amuse a lot of people they had never met -- pushed a button.All around, the data passed from server to server, opening a brand-new window to some never-before-visited universe -- the Planet of Twelve -- using a not yet very well-known type of sport -- an MMORPG.These buddies had big dreams, but they were completely submerged by the wave they triggered. Among neighbors, in offices and schools, the information spread. "Have you heard of DOFUS?"

The counters warms up like mad. More and more people signed up, and players' number multiplied. It was the beginning of an experience that gave rise to games, board games, TV series, a film novels toys, figurines. We're so very thankful to you for following us and supporting us. 

Ankama's teams are made of people who frequently joined the experience from a fire for the world. Most are gamers that one day thought that they'd like to grow the story that is incredible also, using their particular abilities, in their own manner.Unveiled at the close of the conference, information concerning the Dofus updates was numerous at the Krosmonote held in Paris. We've outlined. The main area of the demonstration was on the next update of Dofus planned for the month of December and largely of its extension, the horsemen of Eliocalypse. The latter is a portion of the Eliocalypse's story arc that it closed the first chapter and supplies a series of quests for players of all levels and four new classes.

The upgrade includes adjustments to class balancing as well as the well of dreams. Inspired by the horseman of the apocalypse of the exact same title, War embodies stupid and horrible violence. This personality is Buy Dofus Kamas neither male nor female and the most spontaneous of the four, the one who rushes to the pile without thinking just need to fight.

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