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Date & time Dec 30 '19
Event ends Dec 31 '19
Creator Mocsky234

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Whether cheap OSRS gold through designing their costumes, making presents and their badges that are handed out, or running a series of successive events. This year the community hosted their own Spoonsfest, a Thursday meet-up to get runescape players in a local Weatherspoons, and Noonfest, a Friday lunchtime event and charity auction that raised over £5,500 to get SpecialEffect.What happens in a Runefest weekend takes approximately ten months of preparation and production to pull off it.

It is a production led Live Production teams and from the Events with support from virtually every section across Jagex. It's our greatest collaboration and has become the biggest team building expertise of the year of Jagex. It enables us to associate with runescape players and, for your community, to associate the people behind the on-stream and in-game titles, with us we use.

We always want Runefest to keep its closeness and build on the close connection we have with our runescape players -- basically it is a recreation of the runescape game universe in real life; the place where we all catch up with old buddies, a few of whom we will not have observed since the preceding event.I'll leave it to one of the runescape player comments we received to summarise the Runefest experience:"Runefest was among the greatest experiences I've had in my life. The festival has provided me the opportunity to meet clannies and long term friends that I've understood buy gold runescape mobile playing with RuneScape.

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